Former Marshall's man takes MD seat at Nidd Vale

Former Marshall's man takes MD seat at Nidd Vale

18/06/2010 in All News, People News

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Neil Crossley, a former regional general manager with Marshall Motor Group, has accepted the managing director post at Nidd Vale Group.

Crossley replaces Paul Stokes, who has left the business. Stokes had led a MBO of the business in 2007.

Crossley's new employer is on a much smaller scale than Marshall, with three sites representing Vauxhall, Mazda and Seat, plus approved repairer franchises for Saab and Peugeot.

Group chief executive, Nigel Pullan, said: "We're delighted to have such a talented and experienced managign director come on board. The past few years have been difficult times for the motor trade but our customers have continued to value what our great brand has to offer. Neil is the right person to take our business to the next stage of its development."



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