New Car Finance House survey: Take part and win £250

New Car Finance House survey: Take part and win £250

01/07/2010 in News, All News, People News, Dealer News, Market Insight

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Dealers can give their views on finance houses and have the chance to win £250 in a major new survey launched this month by AM and Sewells.

The New Car Finance House Survey enables dealers to highlight both satisfactory and problem areas related to the provision of finance to customers and give valuable feedback to improve the standard of the products and support received.

Research for the survey is underway and every entry is put forward into a draw to win Marks & Spencers vouchers worth £250.

The survey is strictly confidential and survey responses will only be available to researchers working on behalf of Sewells and not to any other party.

The final report will be based on the aggregate views of all those who reply and the individual responses will then be destroyed.

If you would like further information or would prefer a paper version of the questionnaire please contact Sewells on 01733 468254 or email



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