JLR tells staff to 'get on your bike'

JLR tells staff to 'get on your bike'

30/07/2010 in All News

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Jaguar Land Rover has launched a "Cycle to Work" scheme as part of a sustainability strategy to encourage employees to take a greener approach to travelling to work.

The scheme will provide employees with the opportunity to make savings on the cost of a new cycle and safety equipment, which will be achieved by taking advantage of income tax and national insurance contributions savings through a salary sacrifice agreement.


The company has chosen an organisation called Cyclescheme as partners to the initiative.

Cyclescheme are a specialised service provider who work closely with a network of local retailers and provide a bespoke support team to deal with employees' queries.

By choosing Cyclescheme Jaguar Land Rover will ensure that employees have the optimum choice of cycle brands.

The scheme is part of the Government's Green Travel Plan and to participate employees will undertake a hire agreement paying either a weekly or monthly amount, which will be deducted from their salary prior to normal tax and NI deductions.

Roadshows will take place across Jaguar Land Rover sites during the month of August to support employees with the application and ordering process.

Des Thurlby, HR director said, "We are delighted to be able to launch the Cycle to Work scheme at Jaguar Land Rover. As well as making a contribution to reducing our carbon footprint, cycling to work is a healthier option and we hope this scheme will inspire employees to think all the time about sustainability and the environment."

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Jaguar has probably held a privileged position among premium brands in the UK in that because it is British, customers may be more prepared to overlook little problems with the cars.

The cars themselves certainly come with a ‘feel-good factor’, well equipped for the money and with stylish exteriors and interiors.

Updates to the XJ and XF range have kept sales treading water while the new car market has improved, while the introduction of the F-Type Roadster in 2013 and the F-Type Coupé this year have certainly grabbed worldwide attention.

Next on the horizon is a BMW 3 Series rival called the XE, which will be crucial to increase Jaguar’s presence in the business car sector, and it will be offered with a new 2.0-litre diesel engine developed in house.

Hi-tech lightweight aluminium construction will put it at the top of the class for low CO2 emissions, and rear-wheel drive will also keep driving enthusiasts happy.

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Land Rover

Several years ago, 4x4s were treated as a menace by some in the national media. Then the recession took hold, which could have spelled disaster for a four-wheel drive specialist, such as Land Rover.

But its foray into front-wheel drive SUVs, first with the Freelander, then with the ultra-successful Range Rover Evoque seem to have attracted new customers to the brand. Dealers, it seems, love it, with very high ratings in the NFDA Dealer Attitude Survey.

In the past 18 months, the two larger Range Rover models have been renewed with new, lighter aluminium vehicles, while Land Rover is seeking to capitalise on the Range Rover’s appeal as a bona fide luxury saloon alternative with a long-wheelbase version.

With registrations approaching 55,000 in 2013, and this year’s total looking likely to reach 60,000, all eyes will be on 2015 as the Discovery family is set to grow, adding a smaller model to replace the Freelander, while we should get our first glimpse of the long-awaited Defender replacement.

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