Smoking in a car can reduce used value by £500

Smoking in a car can reduce used value by £500

23/11/2011 in News, All News, Market Insight

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Smoking in a car can reduce used values by between £250 and £500, according to European online remarketing company Autorola.

The company sells cars in 17 European countries and according to experience from selling over 200,000 cars this year, the impact of smoking on residuals is particularly felt on larger higher specified cars.

In some cases an ex-smoker’s car can be difficult to find a buyer for if it hasn’t been thoroughly valeted.

Peter Grøftehauge, Autorola’s chief executive, said: "You are likely never to get rid of the smoking smell completely, but a comprehensive interior clean from a professional automotive cleaning specialist should make a big difference.

"This clean may cost you in the region of £150, but should help ensure it attracts interest from buyers in the first instance, and will ultimately help achieve a better price for the car."



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