ACEA elects Sergio Marchionne as president for 2012

ACEA elects Sergio Marchionne as president for 2012

02/12/2011 in News, All News, Car Manufacturer News

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Sergio Marchionne, chief executive of Fiat Group and Chrysler Group, has been appointed as the president of the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) for 2012.

Marchionne said: “The year 2012 will be challenging especially if the instability in the Eurozone would not be addressed.

"Our association will further focus its work on three main issues: European industrial policy; sustainable mobility and transport; and international trade relations.

“These issues are all closely linked as the industry's capacity to invest and innovate depends on a strong, competitive manufacturing base in Europe.”

Marchionne takes over from Dieter Zetsche, chairman of the board of Daimler AG and head of Mercedes-Benz Cars Division, who served as ACEA President in 2010 and 2011.

Zetsche said: “The European automotive industry is a major employer and invests over 30 billion EUR in R&D per year - more than any other industry in Europe.

"The importance of our industry must be reflected in the EU's economic, transport and trade policies."

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Fiat has enjoyed the strongest growth rates of any major car brands during 2013, with September sales up nearly 30% and annual sales jumping nearly 20% to the end of September.

Its confident focus on small cars has provided a strong message to buyers, particularly regarding the growing 500 family, which now includes the 500L and 500L MPW.

Proof that it has truly engaged with its target market can be seen in the success of the spoof 'Motherhood' video, which has so far attracted 4.2 million viewers on Fiat's official YouTube channel.

Note: Manufacturers administer the franchised contracts for cars and LCVs in different ways. Broadly, for some the contract to sell cars and LCVs is managed through a separate dealer contract. For others one contract covers both vehicle types.

AMi seeks to acknowledge the difference and reflect it in the count of each dealer groups total franchised outlets (franchised businesses) and sites (locations).

Fiat treats car and LCV sales as coming under separate contracts –AMi counts each individually.

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There were glimmers of hope for Chrsyler in the UK, with the influence of Fiat's investment expected to be become clearer in its product strategy and an all-new market opened up with the launch of the Delta and Ypsilon, based on the Lancia models sold in mainland Europe.

But a bigger range hasn't yet brought a rise in sales for Chrysler, with sale down year-on-year.

The brand now has a four model range covering Delta, Ypsilon, Grand Voyager and 300C with pricing from around £10,000 to around £40,000.

If sales were to take off, the number of sales outlets would have to increase to maintain the momentum.

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