Proton partnership for Close Motor Finance

Proton partnership for Close Motor Finance

11/01/2012 in News, All News, Car Manufacturer News, Supplier News

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Close Motor Finance has signed a partnership with Proton UK to support its dealer network.

Simon Park, Proton's general manager, sales and marketing, said: "With the launch of five new products planned to roll out over the next two years, Proton is moving into an exciting period of growth and we therefore took the decision to enter into a joint venture with Close to help us provide continued excellent support to our 70 dealerships which are based across the UK."

Under the partnership Close will commit to local, hands-on support for the network's finance sales.

Chris Reid, manufacturer development director said: "We’re really pleased to be able to work with a company that has similar ambitions for continued and sustainable growth over the next few years.

"This new relationship with Proton demonstrates our desire to become a key player in the manufacturer market, with both the appetite to lend and infrastructure in place to manage large volumes and develop strategic partnerships with other manufacturers going forward."

Close Motor Finance will provide the Proton UK Cars dealers with a flexible approach to finance and the close and personal business values to which its 7,000 strong dealer partners have come accustomed to.

Although in its infancy, the manufacturer division at Close Motor Finance will help the company continue with the extensive growth plans it has for the future.



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