Heavyweight mobile marketing for Nissan NV400

Heavyweight mobile marketing for Nissan NV400

27/02/2012 in

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Nissan has begun a heavyweight mobile marketing campaign for its NV400 panel van - using adverts on the side of lorry trailers.

The 15 trailers emblazoned with truck wraps of the new van travel daily along the country's main motorways, putting the NV400 in front of an estimated 18m drivers.

This is the first advertising campaign for the NV400 since its launch last year and the focus is very much on the van’s load volume and the news that Nissan has a new large panel van to replace the Interstar.

"What better way to show business users our new NV400 than on the side of a massive HGV," said Francis Bleasdale, Nissan Motor GB’s LCV sales and marketing director.

‘The NV400 is a big van in every sense and we believe this new advertising campaign will get it off to a solid start with British businesses,’ he added.



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