Mazda bets on Skyactiv for fleet win

Mazda bets on Skyactiv for fleet win

28/03/2012 in

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Mazda bets on Skyactiv for fleet win

Mazda is looking to boost its fleet business with its Skyactive technology which will be introduced on its new CX-5 will be priced from £21,395 when it goes on sale in spring.

The Skyactiv technology will bring Mazda up to speed with current engine technology offered across other volume manufacturers in the marketplace.

Mazda UK head of fleet Steve Tomlinson believes the CO2 output and low BIK tax ratings will help boost corporate interest in the brand.

Tomlinson: “Mazda started developing its Skyactiv suite of technology in 2006 using a ‘clean sheet’ approach where engineers were given the freedom to design the technology from the ground up.

“Remaining true to the internal combustion engine, Skyacativ technology gives a 30% improvement in fuel economy and a 25% in CO2.”

Mazda is predicting strong residual values for the CX-5. Tomlinson said: “Excellent residual values are being predicted for this model, part due to the focus on refinement of proven, existing technology.

“There is still some uncertainty over hybrids and electric vehicles and the business world likes to deal in certainties.”

The 2.2-litre Skyactiv-D diesel 2WD SE-L 148bhp is forecasted by EurotaxGlass’s to have a residual value of £10,666 (46%) at three years/60,000 miles.

He said: “Skyactiv will allow us to grow volume on the back of new product at the start of this decade, just as we did at the start of the last decade when Mazda6 spearheaded a product-led renaissance.”

The Mazda CX-5 goes on sale from the spring; four petrol models and six diesels will come with two-wheel drive, while all-wheel drive will be available for eight diesel models.

Prices for 2.0-litre petrol versions start from £21,395 for the CX-5 SE-L and rise to £23,995 for the CX-5 Sport Nav.

Diesel CX-5 prices for the 2.2-litre 150ps models begin at £22,995 for the SE-L and step up to £24,295 for the SE-L Auto, to £25,595 for the Sport Nav and £24,695 for the entry-level AWD model. Prices for 2.2-litre 175ps diesel models kick-off at £27,195 for the CX-5 AWD Sport.

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Mazda Motors UK

Fleet and business sales have been playing an important part in product development at Mazda, as it targets corporate customers for sales growth.

Mazda believes its new Skyactiv technology will lead to increased fleet sales as businesses look to reduce whole life costs, fuel bills and tax.

Skyactiv features a new generation of petrol and diesel engines, improved model aerodynamics, vehicle weight reduction, new chassis and transmission.

This will be the key area of focus rather than hybrids or electric vehicles, which will only take a fraction of the market, Mazda believes.

Mazda launched Skyactiv as part of a fleet offensive with the new CX-5 crossover first followed by the critically important Mazda6 in the first steps towards a much needed range overhaul.

Mazda has also extended its small fleet business development programme by two years following its successful introduction last year.

The programme, which focuses on the sub-50 fleet sector, has resulted in the opening of more than 360 accounts and generated hundreds of sales.

Arnold Clark in Stirling, JCT600 in Bradford, Norton Way in Letchworth and Johnsons in Oxford, Holdcroft Mazda in Stoke-on-Trent and RRG Mazda in Salford, Greater Manchester are the first dealers in Mazda's fleet specialist dealer network.

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