Northside creates viral videos to boost social media presence

Northside creates viral videos to boost social media presence

03/04/2012 in News, All News, Dealer News

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Northside creates viral videos to boost social media presence

Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle specialist Northside Truck and Van has created viral comedy videos to help build its social media presence.

Tim Ward, Northside managing director, commissioned a group of young creative graduates to develop a series of videos that would boost awareness of the dealer group and the Mercedes-Benz Vito.

Ward said: “First they set a web site up called which was built like a dating agency.

“They then sent out bars of chocolate to 200 customers who had a large presence on social media and for the finale they produced a number of entertaining videos which were posted on Youtube.

“For a set of young graduates I think they have done exceptionally well and it just shows what young talent is being wasted at present.”

The videos have had thousands of views between them so far:

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Mercedes-Benz is well-ahead of its previously stated growth targets which were aiming for 80,000 units by the middle of the decade.

By the end of 2013, growth of nearly 20% meant that it leapt passed 80,000 cars to a landmark sales total of more than 100,000 units, well on the way to its target of matching rivals Audi and BMW for market share.

Its revamped model range has helped close the gap, particularly the new A-Class, but the CLS is also winning new fans.

Growth in 2014 will be helped by a proposed compact SUV, the GLA, while at the elite end of the range, volumes should rise following the decline of Maybach.

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AMi seeks to acknowledge the difference and reflect it in the count of each dealer groups total franchised outlets (franchised businesses) and sites (locations).

Mercedes-Benz treats car and LCV sales as coming under separate contracts –AMi counts each individually.

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