Car show continues to grow

Car show continues to grow

24/05/2012 in News, All News, Supplier News

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London's EcoVelocity show this month attracted almost 60,000 visitors during the nine-day event.

Organiser Media 10 reported a seven-fold increase on the 2011 eco car event at 57,909 visitors, boosted significantly by being run side-by-side this year with the Grand Designs Live home and lifestyle event.

Giles Brown, MD of Ecovelocity stated: “Running the shows side by side has really worked well, with both events benefitting from new audience visitors. The shows are complementary and provide useful information to consumers looking for a more sustainable lifestyle. 

"Not only did we witness a growing level of interest from EcoVelocity-specific visitors, but also found that visitors to Grand Designs were keen to discover more about low carbon vehicles and how they could fit into their wider eco-living aspirations. It really broadened awareness and positively changed perceptions on a much wider scale.”



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