MG initiative to tap into thousands of Midlands workers

MG initiative to tap into thousands of Midlands workers

24/05/2012 in News, All News, Car Manufacturer News

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MG Motor UK is launching a special discount scheme for employees of its local industry, council and other organisations.

It has launched a MG Privileged Members Car Scheme, with initial membership offered to 46,000 people working for Birmingham City Council.

Other local organisations will be invited later.

Council leader Sir Albert Bore said: "The new administration is delighted to support this initiative. Our policy is to buy Birmingham wherever possible. This will create work in the city and get our people back in jobs."

MG's Longbridge assembly plant employs some 400 people.



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Comments (2)

comment-top - 148 weeks ago

MG Motor is in trouble, I think. UK sales have crashed (they never really took off), with just 16 cars registered in April 2012 (despite 45 MG dealers... they sold 1/3 of a car each it seems). The Birmingham City Council thing is interesting, because you have to wonder if there is something more sinister going on.... Recently, 40 right-hand-drive MG6 cars were donated to Robert Mugabe (for free as a "gift") for Zimbabwe Government use. Has MG Motor donated any cars to Birmingham City Council? And does MG's support of good old Bob Mugabe mean that they regard Birmingham City Council leader Sir Albert Bore as a similar benign dictator figure, to "The Lion of Africa"? In truth, the cars are being sold on a lie, ie. that they are British. In fact, they are not. They should be sold as Chinese, despite the fact that the bumpers are screwed on at Longbridge. Also, what do the other 399 people actually do at Longbridge, after the assembly line bloke has assembled the 16 cars "sold" in the UK in April? - Ling

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Irishboy4 - 148 weeks ago

MG's Longbridge assembly plant employs some 400 people. When BMW walked away, taking Mini with them, Longbridge employed over 7000 people!

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