Kia focuses on customer reviews in 2013

Kia focuses on customer reviews in 2013

09/01/2013 in News, All News, Car Manufacturer News

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Kia focuses on customer reviews in 2013

Kia Motors (UK) is focusing part of its 2013 marketing campaign on what its customers think about its cars in a bid to further enhance the public perception of the brand.

A new television campaign starts today, fully supported by press, digital, outdoor and cinema, which draws on the recent awards from Which? as ‘Best Car Manufacturer of 2012’ and JD Power which ranked the Kia Sportage the most satisfying car to own.

The advert carries the strapline “cars which speak for themselves, customers who speak for us,” and uses an animated keyboard wall as a metaphor for the thousands of customer reviews, creating different backgrounds and visuals highlighting the new range of cars.

Kia is partnered with Revvoo to publish independently-verified owner reviews on its website and now has over 3,000 reviews online. It has an average product satisfaction rating to date of 9/10.

Lawrence Hamilton, marketing director at Kia Motors UK, said: “After speaking with consumers, it became very clear how important customer advocacy and peer-to-peer recommendations have become, especially for big-ticket items with longer purchase cycles.

“Our seven year warranty is an expression of confidence in the quality of all out new range of cars, but we know what we say as a brand is far less convincing and compelling than what real owners say. So, we made it easier for customers to really get to know what owning a Kia is like in real words from real people.”

Research into public interest in online reviews has shown that 72% of consumers trust online reviews with 67% reading between two and 10 reviews before making the purchase decision.

From the same research, 22% of adults are influenced by comments and reviews of other internet users.

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Kia Motors (UK)

Kia's sales growth has levelled off recently, but it seems to have secured vital fleet and business contracts that could drive long-term growth.

In the September 2011 sales figures, Kia sold more cars to fleets and businesses than it did to retail customers.

The dealer network is currently being updated, under a programme branded Space Identity, which aims to achieve a common franchise appearance by the end of 2013 via changing current facia from pale grey to red and the introduction of a new red-coloured totem.

Kia has also revealed ambitions to achieve annual volumes of more than 100,000 registrations in Britain by 2015 and it is hoping to top out its new-look programme with up to 10 showpiece retailing sites in key city areas.

Designated Red Cube, the distinctive sites feature dramatic boxy buildings with curved sides.

In 2012 it opened a training centre in Ruddington aimed at delivering up to 2,500 apprentice delegate days, 3,600 technical delegate days and 1,400 non-technical delegate days in the year. The goal is for the Kia network to have around 100 apprentices by 2013, a 200% increase on now, with the long-term aim of each dealership having at least one apprentice.

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