Luxury brands concerned about opening up on social media

Luxury brands concerned about opening up on social media

30/05/2013 in News, All News, Car Manufacturer News

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Luxury brands concerned about opening up on social media

Aston Martin marketing director Markus Kramer believes luxury brands are wary of opening up access to their brand to a wider audience on social media because it impacts on exclusivity.

Kramer spoke to Marketing Week at the Forrester Forum for Marketing Leaders and said: “It means accessibility of information that you previously reserved for a select few people. It was very valuable for brands to have those inside stories but now it is now available for everyone that wants to look at it.

“Social media means the democratisation of information. Do you really want to do that if you’re at the top of the luxury scale? That’s a question that fundamentally a lot of companies may not have answered for themselves.”

Kramer said Aston Martin does use social media as part of its PR strategy because he believes other brands don’t have such a combination of high awareness and “positive respect that leads to a lot of love for the brand”.



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