Mercedes-Benz looks to boost CV sales with 24-hour service offering

Mercedes-Benz looks to boost CV sales with 24-hour service offering

08/07/2013 in News, All News, Car Manufacturer News

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Mercedes-Benz looks to boost CV sales with 24-hour service offering

The Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle dealer network is looking to stand up against main rival Ford with 24-hour breakdown service cover across its 98 dealerships.

Out of those dealers, 70% also offer 24 hour servicing and repair through the night.

Ford also offers 24-hour break down cover, but Mercedes believes operating 24 hour servicing across the majority of its sites will help to give it a boost.

A spokeman for Mercedes-Benz said: "If you breakdown at 02.00 in the morning, or 21.00 in the evening, a service technician in a fully equipped van from one of our franchised dealerships will attend the breakdown. It's not outsourced to The AA or RAC.

"The roadside fix repair rate is 80% (80% are repaired at the roadside - not needing to be recovered to the nearest dealer).

"Our attendance time is an national average of 52-minutes (that's on a 24-clock)."

The brand embarked on a marketing campaign for its CV business this month with a promotional trip using the Citan small van to visit all 98 dealerships. Mercedes is now using the new tagline 'born to run' for its range of vans.

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Mercedes-Benz UK

Mercedes-Benz broke new ground last year as it achieved 5% market share in the latest stage of its ambition to become the number one premium brand in the UK car market and eventually the world’s best-selling premium brand.

In percentage terms, its sales growth of nearly 15% beat its German rivals, but when it comes to units sold, Mercedes-Benz only managed to close the gap on BMW with nearly 15,000 additional sales beating 13,000 for BMW, but falling behind Audi's growth of nearly 17,000 units.

However, with greater availability of the A-Class, sales could rise further in 2015, while nearly every segment has a launch by the brand, including the S-Class cabriolet, GLC SUV, BMW X6 rival GLE, B-Class electric drive and V-Class.

Note: Manufacturers administer the franchised contracts for cars and LCVs in different ways. Broadly, for some the contract to sell cars and LCVs is managed through a separate dealer contract. For others one contract covers both vehicle types.

AMi seeks to acknowledge the difference and reflect it in the count of each dealer groups total franchised outlets (franchised businesses) and sites (locations).

Mercedes-Benz treats car and LCV sales as coming under separate contracts –AMi counts each individually.

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