Paint protection supplier responds to advertising watchdog's 'misleading' ruling

Paint protection supplier responds to advertising watchdog's 'misleading' ruling

09/08/2013 in News, All News, Supplier News

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Jewelultra has issued a response to the news of an advertising watchdog ban on its claim of protecting against bird dropping damage.

It has supplied a report from an independent testing organisation, Intertek, which in June tested body panels treated with Jewelultra's Diamondbrite paint protection system.

Intertek's report states that pigeon droppings, or guano, fell off readily and the specular gloss of the treated panels was maintained, compared to the untreated panels.

Click here to download the full report in pdf format.

AM-online reported yesterday that the Advertising Standards Authority had told paint protection suppliers Jewelultra and GardX they hadn't proven their claims that their products helped to protect motor paintwork against damage from bird droppings so could not repeat such claims until they had evidence.

It followed a complaint to the ASA from rival supplier Autoglym.

AM understands that Jewelultra has supplied the ASA with the Intertek report.






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Comments (1)

Justin Boseley - 85 weeks ago

The ASA have the Independent test report from Intertek since June this year.The report very clearly states that the Jewelultra Diamondbrite does protect against bird droppings in accordance with claims made. The lady from the ASA has chosen to ignore this Independent test report and gone ahead regardless to uphold Autoglym's complaint. Anyone can reed the report on Jewelultra website. I can only assume that Autoglym have not done a test on the product to say that the Jewelultra Diamondbrite DOES NOT protect against bird lime. If they have, where is it and why don't they make it readily available to everyone as Jewelultra have done with their test report.

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