Lottery winner leaves husband for dealer who sold her five Audis

Lottery winner leaves husband for dealer who sold her five Audis

06/01/2014 in News, All News, Dealer News

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A lottery winner who split from her husband a year after they scooped £148 million is living with the car dealer who sold her five vehicles in a buying spree.

Gillian Bayford left the £6m mansion she shared with husband Adrian in Suffolk and moved Alan Warnock, into a home near Dundee.

Warnock has quit his job at a John Clark Audi dealership where Bayford bought five cars for herself and her family.

Bayford (41) said last month she had separated from her 43-year-old husband, who actually bought the winning EuroMillions ticket.

The couple, from Haverhill in Suffolk, blamed the stresses of the massive jackpot win for the collapse of their nine-year marriage.

A friend of Warnock last night said: “Alan and Gillian are an item and are serious about each other. He sold her the cars she wanted – and romance has blossomed since then.”

The couple met in October last year, two months after the jackpot win, when the Bayfords visited her parents.

They went to the John Clark dealership in Dundee, where Warnock was sales manager, and ordered three £60,000 Q7 SUVs and two £40,000 Q5s for Bayford, her parents, her brother and his girlfriend.

Speaking outside her new house at the weekend with the car salesman by her side, Bayford confirmed she had “moved home” and did not deny being in a relationship with Warnock. (Source: Daily Express)




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Comments (2)

Kevin Smith - 63 weeks ago

So let me have a think. now maybe I am being sarcastic (no, surely not!). Mrs Bayford met this guy Warnock in October but has really only just started a relationship with him - just after her and her hubbie split up. Mr Warnock, being an old school Car Sales Manager, is in love with her, not the money she has that will bring a certain 'style' in his life. As a man myself who ahs been 35 years in car sales managment - good look to both of them. You never know maybe the pure love really is there between them

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CGH - 63 weeks ago

If only she'd looked at Dacia's. Bugger!............

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