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Alfa Romeo


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Alfa Romeo Mito
Engine: 1.4 TB 155hp petrol Lusso
Price: £14,545

Alfa Romeo must be rubbing its hands with glee with the success of its small car, the MiTo.

Since the beginning of the year 3,282 have been sold and it now accounts for the lion’s share of the brands sales – 64%.

Its strategy to go head-to-head with the Mini is paying off also. Alfa research says 20% of customers considered the German car, but went on to choose Italian.

The MiTo has lower insurance ratings than Mini, says Alfa, and residual values on a par – and yet standard specification is higher, including air conditioning and rear LED lights.

Also, all models with the exception of the entry level Junior feature the brand’s ‘DNA’ system that alters the driving dynamics of the car in three ways depending on road conditions.

No competitor offers such a feature.

The most popular derivative is the 1.4 16v 95bhp Lusso (on-the-road price £12,295), followed by the the Turismo with the same engine (£11,495), then the 1.4 TB 155bhp Veloce (£15,495).

With emissions of 153g/km our test car while having the most powerful engine in the range chucks out the most CO2 and with it by far the highest insurance grouping at 10E. It is also the most thirsty with a combined mpg figure of 53.3mpg.

However, 0-62mph is 8 seconds, fastest in the range with top speed at 134.

In comparison, the 1.6 JTDm does 68.9mpg, emits 126g/km and has a 0-62mph of 11.8 seconds and insurance group of 6E.

And yet it costs the same as our car: £14,545.

Dealers are encouraged through obvious higher margin opportunities to sell a number of personalisation options.

In addition to this the MiTo range is available (with the exception of Junior) with a customer ‘price walk’ from the Turismo to Lusso to Veloce version.

Each of these ‘walks’ costs £800 to £950 and includes items such as heated front seats, leather upholstery, heated windscreen and Blue&Me Bluetooth handsfree system.

In addition to this the finance (available from just £189 a month on a PCP) also provides a revenue stream for dealers through finance commission.


Alfa Romeo 1750TBi Lusso

The Germans. It’s a phrase that appears in consumer roadtests on the 159 regularly, with the BMW named most often.

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