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Also driven: Renault Kangoo Compact



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Renault’s Kangoo Compact is aimed at city centre businesses that need something more compact than the standard Kangoo. 

Like most vans, it’s noisy and far from cosy in the cab, but it’s got durable plastics, CD radio player and temperature display. 

Visibility is helped by large side mirrors. Its mini size, which still holds 2.5 cubic metres of cargo – room enough for a europallet – means it’s easy to manoeuvre.

The least powerful version, a 1.5-litre diesel with 69bhp is perfect for city living, but struggles on the open road. It can still hit motorway speeds with

  • Engine 1.5-litre dCi 70
  • Price £9,890 + VAT & £560 delivery

Will the third Renault Twingo make up for its siblings?

The funky and customisable Renault Twingo city car has much to recommend it.

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