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General Sales Manager

  • Job added:   13 October 2010
  • Salary :   £70K Guaranteed first year earnings
  • Location :   Greater Manchester
  • Job Type :   Permanent
  • Contact :   Keith Laws
  • Email :


• Family owned company with over 45 years experience in the industry.
• Well funded, successful and expanding.
• Allied to great Brand Partners.
• Always looking to the future.

Greater Manchester Based.

Let’s not beat around the bush, we’re after a heavyweight.

We know there’s loads of you out there and we know whoever applies for the position of General Sales Manager at our Honda site will say they’ve got it all...positive,enthusiastic, self-starter, dynamic, motivated, energetic, process driven, entrepreneurial… blah, blah,blah.

Thing is we’re looking for a heavyweight who doesn’t just ‘talk the talk’ but can ‘walk the talk’ as well. What we want is a consummate professional with a no-nonsense approach; who isn’t afraid of hard work and is prepared to roll up their sleeves and be hands-on. This is no ordinary job, the successful candidate will be guaranteed earnings of £70k in the first year.

Actions speak louder than words, so, if you can demonstrate a mature understanding of the industry, a strong track record (with no job-hopping), a willingness to be entrepreneurial and the ability to temper that with robust process, then you could be just the contender we’re looking for.

Apply in the first instance to:
Keith Laws
PO Box 33, Media House,
Peterborough Business Park,
Peterborough PE2 6EA

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