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  • Job added:   22 September 2005
  • Location :   Nationwide
  • Job Type :   Permanent
  • Company :   Job Search Direct
  • Email :
  • Telephone :   01608 645649
  • Website :
P1320 Mgmt Accountant Oxon c£34k Non MI
D1380 Service Manager N Yorks c£35k OTE Volume
T1378 Sales Manager S Wales c£48k OTE Niche
S1377 H&S Co-ordinator N / S London c£18k Prestige
C1361 New Car Sls Exec W Mids c£40k OTE European
J1369 General Manager W Yorks c£100K OTE Prestige

Please register your interest and up-to-date CV online at our website or write enclosing your CV to
Astley House, Cromwell Business Park,
Chipping Norton, Oxon OX7 5SR
Tel: 01608 645649 Fax: 01608 645855

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