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AM poll results: Will the £5,000 plug-in car grant be enough to help electric vehicles take off as a long-term retail proposition?

Dealers don’t believe the Government incentive of £5,000 is enough to kick-start the electric car retail revolution.

This year will see several all-electric cars launched in the UK as the industry looks to take bolder steps to establish the sector.

A majority of 88% don’t think customers will be encouraged by the discount, with the remanding 12% believing the £5,000 is enough to tempt early adopters.

Here are choice comments from voters in the poll:

“There needs to be a much more significant incentive on several fronts to get people switching to electric vehicles and to make it almost a no-brainer.”

“As long as the subsidy remains at £5,000 as the cost of EV/hybrid vehicles drop, then more people will see the subsidy as a valid reduction in relation to overall cost.”

“The cars are too expensive even with the subsidy, and the distances between re-charge is not enough.”

“The money alone won’t do this, there are too many questions around the cost and frequency of battery replacements, the limited range and lack of infrastructure to contend with, while early adopters maybe enticed by this. It will take a lot more to convince most motorists.”

“The challenge is that car companies realise this and hike the price. The idea and reality of the electric vehicle is needed.”

“Quantum leap required in battery technology. Even if current range of 70-100 miles caters for 90% of a driver’s journey, what does he do about the other 10%? Once the battery technology is developed, where do we get the generating capacity? We don't have enough at the moment - what happens when 5-6 million electric vehicles all want to charge their batteries at the same time? It is a dead end technology - money would be better spent on fuel cell research.”

“Given the choice everyone wants to be green but there is such a price difference that until prices fall it will not appeal to the mass market.”

“It will be a long time yet until we have as many electric vehicles as we had in the seventies. Government need to stop trying to back 'silver bullets' and adopt policies more in line with the rest of the world - Germany being a good example where more is being invested in electric but also where bio-fuels are really growing as well as LPG.”

“Until there is proper infrastructure it just won't happen. Not everyone has a drive/garage to charge a car on at home.”

“Cold temp performance, range, battery degradation, battery life are just not good enough.”

“Short range and unknown resale values will keep many drivers away from the electric car market.”


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