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Government is considering putting an end to the VED disc

The BVRLA has welcomed news that the Government is giving ‘serious consideration’ to abolishing the tax disc.

The association has been campaigning for the Department for Transport to axe the tax disc for a number of years as part of a wider streamlining of DVLA services.

Once used as a visible means of demonstrating that a vehicle has been taxed, the disc is no longer required because this can instantly be confirmed by accessing DVLA computers, says the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association.

“It is great that the Red Tape Challenge we participated in last year is continuing to bring results,” said BVRLA chief executive John Lewis.

“We estimate that removing this pointless piece of paper would save the Government around £90 million a year and produce major administrative cost savings.”

The tax disc proposals were contained within a Department for Transport consultation on the future direction of the Driving Standards Agency, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, Vehicle and Operator Services Agency and the Vehicle Certification Agency.

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  • Richard - 17/12/2012 13:09

    Sooner the better. Too many bikers have their discs taken and have to purchase a replacement one.

  • Gerry Campbell - 17/12/2012 13:29

    Not before time

  • Nick Gregory - 17/12/2012 15:07

    I wonder what great, open-ended scheme will be devised to replace the lost income? More petrol duty? If so, how will that differentiate between low and high emission cars?

  • Richard - 17/12/2012 15:11

    Nick,they're talking about scraping the paper disc not the whole VED. The information is all on computer

  • Rob - 17/12/2012 17:44

    I can totally understand the simple "cost saving" nature of the proposal but I doubt that it is likley to be that simple. I don't know much about the extent to which technology is used currently to proactively chase down non-VED payers, but if the visible evidence of having paid VED is taken away then technology such as traffic cameras, city centre cctv will need to become (if they aren't already) part of a fully integrated traffic monitoring system that automatically drives prosecutions for unlawful road use and not just wait until an event such as speeding, RTA, D&D, tail light bulb out etc gets the police involved. It would be interesting to know (1) how many untaxed cars there are estimated to be using the roads unlawfully at the moment as this would help to understand how well, successfully or efficiently technology and or the police are able to deal with the problem at the moment (2) how many cars annually are reported by members of the public or for example by traffic wardens etc for not displaying valid tax discs. Clearly if this is a significant number then the benefit will have been lost if the tax disc is given up.

  • Jiffy - 17/12/2012 20:02

    Hang on, if they do away with the Tax Disc, will that mean we have to remember the date we have to get an MOT and re Tax the thing, or is it a way to fine people who forget to pay their new RFL?

  • Neil Pearson - 18/12/2012 09:22

    This should be replaced by an ' insurance' disc issued by the insurance company. This may help reduce uninsured driving and help with the exchange of details in the event of an accident.

  • Weave - 18/12/2012 14:43

    Excellent news for all. Hopefully the cherished transfer process will be streamlined in a similar way to how we can currently re tax a car. Further savings for all and most importantly we will never ever have to queue again in an LVLO,- surely the worst place to be in a queue in any motor traders life time!

  • steve thomas - 06/01/2013 19:16

    trouble with this is that ordinary people like you and i will no longer be able to recognise and report untaxed vehicles