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Vignale experience hoped to help Ford dealers with customer retention

14 Ford Vignale

New top-specification models badged Vignale are Ford's latest tool for slowing customer desertion to the German brands.

And to further tempt motorists to stay with the brand, it is promising a more personal, premium experience from its dealerships for Vignale drivers.

This will include a Vignale relationship manager as the single contact for a Vignale driver's queries, guaranteed free collection and delivery for aftersales, free car wash every month and discrete Vignale waiting areas in the FordStores - 55 large metropolitan dealerships within Ford's UK network - that are allowed to sell Vignale models.

The roll out starts with Vignale Mondeo in September, then S-Max next year. Kuga and Edge versions may follow.

Jon Wellsman, customer services director at Ford of Britain, said Vignale is hoped to retain customers, particularly corporate user-choosers, who've already had a couple of high spec Mondeo or S-Max models and are thinking of swapping into a premium brand.

These are expected to represent 70% of the take-up of the Ford Vignale Mondeo.

The carmaker also hopes the new launch will win some conquest sales. Ford's S-Max MPV and Kuga SUV have previously succeeded at attracting conquest customers by offering high specification and strong styling.

"We want customers to feel delighted with the car and very, very pleased with the level of care and expertise from their FordStore dealer. And we'd like them to look forward to swapping to a new Vignale next time," Wellsman said.

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  • Paul Bennett - 14/05/2015 13:26

    I simply can't believe that Ford truly believe that by dressing up what is otherwise an excellent vehicle (Mondeo), that it will genuinely attract customers who would otherwise purchase the leading German prestige marques. Over the years, this approach has been talked about and adopted by several volume European manufacturers with little lasting success if any. Most notably Renault and Citroen. Does this not speak loudly to the team at Ford?

  • Rich b'stad - 14/05/2015 14:08

    You will get the same herbets working on them as you do if you had a Mondeo

  • gezza06 - 14/05/2015 15:13

    It's still a Ford and most user choosers would prefer a BMW or Audi as it represents a prestige marque. Despite what Ford think, they are not a prestige marque.

  • The Garage Voluptuary - 14/05/2015 15:56

    So, the 'Ghia' label is so last century... & not even Fin de Siecle. Some, not so bright spark decided they should resurrect another defunct Italian coachbuilder's name for implied kudos. This allied to promise of 'free for life' vehicle wash, marketing flim flam, & hey presto we're a premium, non teutonic, manufacturer. Six figure salaries all round then chaps. They'll soon discover, like the French & their own predecessors, that it takes a bit more integrity to get to that level than just PR wizardry. Just ask Lexus, who have the requisite integrity!

  • emeles - 15/05/2015 09:56

    others got to the comment before me......the fact is its still a Mondeo however you dress it up. The new standard car (overdue by many months) is a great improvement over the old outgoing model but putting a designer dress and fancy name will not a premium model make it!

  • Darren - 16/05/2015 11:40

    Curious to see how "ordinary" Ford customers will feel about getting less favourable treatment at their dealership

  • Chilli Pepper - 29/06/2015 20:21

    Marketeers Spin !!! BCA will sell Vignales by the bucket load in 12 months?!! Mark my. Words