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Dealers speak out on Volkswagen emissions scandal - AM poll

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AM’s recent poll on the Volkswagen emission scandal revealed that 66% of respondents believe it will damage the reputation of Volkswagen Group cars in the UK for the long term.

The poll received almost 600 votes and here are some excerpts from dealers that left anonymous comments when they cast their vote.

While there are plenty calling out the dishonesty involved, some commenters believe the news will blow over.

YES 66%

“While the public are focused on this the current headline there can be no getting away from the irreparable damage to the integrity of the German brands and the trust that people had for VWG.”

“It has caused damaged to a car manufacturer who prides itself on efficiency.”

“It’s very damaging to VW Group and the automotive industry.”

“Thousand of people must have been involved in covering this up. It will be damaging because of the level of dishonesty.”

"VW will put a great deal of effort to rid themselves of the current trouble and so the general public will forget it in say 12 months. Unfortunately the story still seems to run and run. Air bag problems for Toyota and others appears to have been forgotten quite quickly!”

“According to various polls the number one priority for the consumer is trust. If this is correct then yes it will harm the brand unfortunately. However, the general consumer also stated that they wanted organic food if the prices were inline with 'normal' food but they still don't buy the volumes anticipated.”

“VW will need to work hard to rebuild trust.”

“Extrapolating from long personal experience - having owned Polo, Golf, Audi and Skoda in the past 15 years. I will not ever buy or endorse another. Ever. A small but heartfelt retribution.”

“The loss of customer confidence will last a long time.”

“No brand is stronger than it's reputation. Reputation is the brand.”

“Absolutely. You don't lie to customers and get away with it.”

“Reputation is what this is all about. Dealers are getting hung up on the fact that NOx emissions are not a big enough factor in purchase consideration to make a difference, but they're missing the point. “Customers are wary of VW and the fact they have been misled. One thing going in VW's favour is the media and general public's goldfish memory. All we need is for Kanye and Kim to do something stupid and people's attention will be redirected. As it stands, this isn’t dying down.”

NO 34%


"This is terrible news. VW have had such a good worldwide reputation. Everyone in the trade knows VW build great vehicles and they are built to last. This news will eventually fade like the Toyota problem in 2009.”

“I don't believe so, I think we're all shocked by the scandal. However, I still believe in the product and personally I still continue to buy and sell Audi, Volkswagen Seat, and Skoda cars. Customers are still paying good prices. My customers that agree that they feel cheated but none have said as yet that they would not buy another VAG group car.”

“People will forget soon, look at Toyota.”

“The whole thing has been a storm in a teacup.”

“Only in the short term. As long as they continue to produce quality cars the brand is sustainable.”

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  • Paul H - 12/10/2015 13:03

    so 34% of your readers are vw dealers then

  • David - 12/10/2015 13:05

    This defeat device is just a code in the vehicle/engine ECU, it does not do anything when the car is being driven, so there will be no effect on MPG. Governments will now have to introduce a test for Homologation that is road based, which should also give a more realistic MPG figure for all new vehicles in the future. VW group cars are all still well made, desirable and good value, which will not change, so I'm confident the group will be able to weather this storm, albeit at the cost of billions of Euro's. All other vehicle manufacturers will be effected in the future when the new emission tests and MPG tests get announced.

  • Pa Broon - 13/10/2015 18:40

    The Airbag problem with Toyota wasn't a deliberate attempt to deceive people. Putting software into the car's ECU designed to show false readings is fraud!

  • David - 20/10/2015 12:05

    There appears to be a syndrome of " Head in the Sand", how an earth anyone can draw a parallel between the Toyota Airbag issue, and what is blatant fraud is beyond me. It feels like the SMMT and other industry bodies are just circling the wagons behind the German Brands. Frankly the general public are not stupid!

    • nik - 20/10/2015 12:12

      Wait, so spurting out metal fragments at a driver during a crash is better than a few extra emissions particles? i know no-one likes pollution, but personally i don't like metal either.

    • nik - 20/10/2015 12:13

      Wait, so spurting out metal fragments at a driver during a crash is better than a few extra emissions particles? i know no-one likes pollution, but personally i don't like metal either.