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Seat Ateca review: first SUV delights drivers and dealers

Seat Ateca (2018)


Price: £30,010

Engine: 2.0-TDI 150PS

Performance: 0-62mph 9 secs, top speed 122mph

Gearbox: 6sp manual, 4Drive all-wheel drive

Fuel efficiency: 55.4mpg

Emissions: 134g/km CO2


Having lived with the Ateca since early July, I can see why the dealer network was so buoyed in 2017 by the first SUV to join their showrooms. For the past two generations, Seat’s cars have been under-rated by too many car buyers, ignorant about the brand and the value it offers.

The Leon has changed that, to some extent, but the Ateca takes it further. It has certainly been well received by the motoring press, winning a clutch of awards. And Ateca owners on the SeatCupraNet enthusiasts’ website seem generally delighted with their purchase decision.

Their Atecas of choice have mostly comprised of the high-specification Excellence trim, and these owners crow about the great level of standard equipment and optional extras, such as the 360-degree parking camera and powered tailgate.

A few comment about a jerking sensation as the electronic parking brake releases in auto mode, and its Seat Front Assist automatic braking system being a little over-cautious. Several, apparently influenced by the UK’s heatwave in 2018, seem aggrieved that the Excellence trim comes with artificial leather as standard, and there is no option to change it to cloth or Alcantara.

I don’t agree with the latter grievance – the leather upholstery is a necessity at this price point to help put the Ateca on consideration lists – but I have experienced the first two. Both are niggles, and can be overcome by adapting your driving style – if there is the will.

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