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2002 will see new engine and options for Focus


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Ford has announced a series of changes to the UK's best-selling car, the Focus, for 2002.

As well as introducing a new common rail diesel engine, the TDCi, there are changes to interior and exterior styling, including a new Interior Versatility Pack, which offers MPV-style seat folding options.

There are changes to the front headlights, with the headlamp now incorporating the indicators, while the front grille also has some changes.

Front fag lamps, where specified, have been incorporated into the revised lower front grille. Specification has been enhanced and all 2002 models will feature standard damped glove box lid, illuminated front ashtray and a new centre console storage unit.

The new TDCi engine range will also feature in the 2002 Mondeo which gets an additional £500 worth of safety features as standard. (December 12, 2001)

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