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Ambience of 307 will test dealers


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Peugeot UK has warned dealers they could face problems because of the huge number of combinations and options on the 307. The carmaker believes they are necessary to establish the hatchback's individualism.

David Brookman, Peugeot UK sales director, said: “Dealers will struggle with the number of variations.”

The 307 comes in five badge levels, with a choice of six engines), 14 exterior colours, seven interior trims and five 'ambiences' (colour combinations) for the cabin. There are 79 colour and trim variations.

TV ads will carry the strapline 'not just a number', and feature a wide range of people from numerous backgrounds. Dealers will need to sell to order with an expected wait of at least eight weeks until delivery. Demand for Peugeot models have forced the carmaker to operate its European plants seven days a week, with three shifts a day.

However, Mr Brookman believed the lead time would cause few problems. Models like the 206 LX have a delivery of 6-8 weeks, while more niche products like 406 Coupe and 206 Cabriolet have a wait of 16-20 weeks.

“If a customer has to wait six weeks anyway, we may as well customise their order for them,” said Mr Brookman.

He believes the success of the 206 – currently the UK's second best selling car behind the Ford Focus – would rub off on the 307.

The 307 is expected to sell 80,000 units a year. Best year for the 306 was 70,000 in 1998.

Prices start at £10,860 for the 1.4-litre 3dr Style, rising to £15,560 for the 5dr 2.0-litre XSi.

There are five trim levels – Style, Rapier, LX, GLX and XSi – and four engines available from launch – 1.4. 1.6 and 2.0 petrol and 2.0 HDI 90bhp diesel.

An all-new 1.4-litre HDI diesel and more powerful 110bhp HDI 2.0-litre will be added later in the year.

  • Peugeot's 2-litre HDi diesel engine will be fitted to the 406 Coupe from this month. Mr Brookman said he had been “campaigning for this for a year”. The argument was won when Mercedes-Benz launched the C-class coupe with a diesel engine in May.
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