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There are 93,721 Jeeps registered in the UK which represents 0.25% of the car parc. It ranks Jeep as the 33rd most favoured make by UK consumers.

Most – 66% – are owned by men; women account for 21% while 6% are company vehicles.

Private plates are a real sales opportunity for retailers – 41% of Jeep owners have them.

Two models dominate the Jeep parc; the Cherokee at 46% and the Grand Cherokee with 45.5%.

Jeeps have longevity – almost one third are more than 10 years old. A quarter are less than four years old and 12.5% were bought within the past couple of years.

Not surprisingly for a 4x4 specialist brand, only 4.24% of Jeeps have an engine size less than 2449; 53.41% have engine sizes between 2450 and 3949.

The remaining 42.35% have engine sizes above 3950.

Jeep buyers are spread out evenly across the country. Only two areas account for 2% or more of the Jeep car parc – Birmingham on 2.11% and Chelmsford on 2%.

The top two favoured colours are black (27.42%) and blue (19.17%).

Jeep Statistics

Analysis has been performed by GMAP using current market statistics from the anonymised DVLA Parc data.


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