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Lancaster shows how to keep buyers on a website


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It is rare for web reviewers to want to revisit a site they have spent eight hours analysing but Lancaster plc's has been well thought out.

The initial flash animation might annoy some visitors but the features and functions more than make up for any delays caused by pop-up graphics and clever animations.

Keeping people on a website is the hardest battle and one that Lancaster fights admirably. The layout and colour scheme show attention to detail to keep interest levels up. First-time visitors can get information on the company before they go ahead and use the site.

A 'dealerships' icon lists all the manufacturer franchises and where they are located. With a click on the pop-up, visitors can get phone, address, email and website details on each outlet.

The new car search facility allows users to check marques and users can select a model, checking out prices plus specification and technical information.

A used car search can be made by budget (minimum and maximum spend) or by make and model. The site also has a part exchange facility.

Alternatively, visitors can be linked to a separate site offering styling modifications. This is an interesting and well executed site. You can visit the site at

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