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Long-term road test: Kia Sedona 2.9 CRDi LS



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The new Kia Sedona must rank as one of the most useful cars to grace AM’s long-term test fleet. It has already proven itself as an all-rounder for the family with its combination of comfort, practicality, economy and entertainment, and its price remains competitive in the large MPV segment.

Family outings are rendered relatively stress-free by Sedona. Its electrically operated rear sliding doors seem to act as a magnet to under-10s, eager to clamber aboard and fight over the seating arrangements. Care needs to be taken when parked on an incline, however, as the heavy doors frequently fail to hold open and slide shut again.

Families should be encouraged to consider the optional rear DVD package with wireless earphones, which makes it easy to silence the kids’ usual cries of boredom.

The main area of Sedona that needs improvement is its rear seating system, which does not flat-fold like most current generation MPVs. Instead, each of the five seats are removed independently, but that requires somewhere for storing them.

Moreover, they are heavy to lift, making re-fitting a tricky exercise.

Indeed, while manoeuvring one seat into position it dropped incorrectly into the runners in the floor and despite all our efforts now refuses to release again. It seems a trip to our local Kia dealer is on the cards.

Nevertheless, the Sedona is a solid, comfortable cruiser that has kept all its occupants happy.

Fact file

Price: £19,495
Engine: 2.9-litre diesel; 182bhp @ 3,800rpm, 253lb ft @ 1,750-3,500rpm
Efficiency: 28mpg (actual), 36.2mpg (manufacturer figures)
Start mileage: 6,069
Current mileage: 9,205
Test period: September-January
CAP RV: 3yr/30k £7,600 (39%)
CAP RV: 3yr/60k £6,375 (33%)

Likes: Electric doors are nice touch, DVD option keeps the kids quiet, comfortable and easy to drive
Dislikes: Removing/installing seats is tricky, limited storage in cabin, no sixth gear to ease motorway driving

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