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Mitsubishi Colt 1.3 ClearTec



Colt (2009)
1.3 ClearTec
RV 3yr/30k
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Mitsubishi’s range is not as suited to the scrappage scheme as some manufacturers, but it has still provided a boost, with 3,000 Colts sold so far this year.

Colt sales make up 94% of the 900 models sold through the scheme so far.

Of that allocation of Colts, 24% have been the ClearTec model that AM has on its long-term fleet.

It shows there is definitely an economical concern among customers coming into showrooms, rather than just the motivation of a low price.

Equivalent eco-models such as the Seat Ibiza Ecomotive or Ford Fiesta Econetic will set customers back a £2,100 or £3,700 premium respectively, so even with the recent £300 price rise the ClearTec is still a good starting point for budding eco-warriors who have been spurred on by the scrappage scheme.

However, the lower price does mean a sacrifice in quality.

No one would argue that a customer chooses a Mitsubishi for its superior quality so the harsh plastics aren’t jarring enough to put customers off.

Sales executives can push the eco angle on the ClearTec, which will allow customers to stretch mpg rates into the 50s and will cost them just £35 to tax each year.

Mitsubishi is currently running its Q3 finance deals on the Colt – they offer a flexible range of options to buyers depending on how much deposit they want to put down.

Customers can choose 0% HP finance over 12 months with a 50% deposit or go all the way up to 7.9% HP over a 60-month period with just a 10% deposit.

These offers run until September 1.

Dealers will get marketing help from national television advertising, which does not highlight the ClearTec particularly, but pushes the Colt three-door 1.1 CZ1 with £99 monthly payments.

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