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Skoda Superb estate 2.0TDI 170CR Elegance



Superb estate
2.0TDI 170CR Elegance
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Our newly-arrived long-term test Skoda Superb estate is one of the latest weapons in the Czech brand’s campaign to increase membership of the in-the-know club.

By the in-the-know club we mean the increasing number of owners who have discovered how great Skoda’s range is becoming, and what a great ownership experience they’ll get.

The carmaker has picked up numerous awards in recent years, including best family car, best estate and best towcar for its Superb, plus best manufacturer awards for service to its private and fleet customers.

The car we’ll be testing over the next six months is by no means factory-fresh.

OY59 RZV had already racked up 18,467 miles before it arrived at AM’s Peterborough base last month.

It still looks and feels as good as the day it was registered, despite having covered above-average miles for its age.

That goes to show its potential once on dealers’ used car forecourts. It’s no surprise that pre-owned Superb hatchbacks are a favourite of private hire operators, given the car’s solidity and ability to cope with high mileage.

The brand continues to build on its reputation for great value cars, and aims to be seen as a more modern, interesting proposition in future.

Our Superb is a step in the right direction. In range-topping Elegance trim it comes loaded with executive-level driver aids and comforts such as leather upholstery, cruise control, parking assistance, Bluetooth and climate control.

Its 633-litre boot is fitted with optional load restraints, which comprise hooks, a strap and a solid extendable bar.

These have already proven their worth in stopping items from sliding around the boot while the car is in motion.

Sales executives should find them an easy upsell opportunity to families and business users who will frequently carry items in the back.

Overall, the Superb has the styling and practicality to win over many more motorists. Skoda’s big task is to make those motorists want it.

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