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'Solid' Bishops site needs more features


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Bishops Nissan (Guildford), part of FG Barnes, has two outlets in Surrey and Kent. Its website is one of the briefest viewed. The basic elements are in place, and it is refreshing to find a site that can be searched within an hour, but it leaves out many important aspects, which will frustrate some internet car buyers.

The animated intro looks good, but most visitors will probably click the 'skip intro' icon to get into the main site. Once there, a handy feature lists the most popular search icons: range, service and used.

The service section lays out useful information like costs but it is presented in a dull style. There are basic, handy functions like a parts locator and service booking facility.

A sensible feature is the display of a freephone number on the site, giving customers another way to make contact with the dealership.

The 'range' facility lists images of each car in the Nissan line-up, including commercial vehicles, but the layout is drab and uninspired. Users can, at least, instantly see prices, trim levels and have the opportunity to book a test drive on each model.

The 'used' section has a single drop down menu on an otherwise empty screen. Users click on the model and are shown an image and price details of the car. It is quick and efficient, but there is no finance calculator or 'special deals' section.

Buyers can register on the site to receive e-mails of Bishops' latest news and deals. There are also links to the FG Barnes Vauxhall websites with location details.

This is a solid attempt for a small franchise like Bishops, but it needs to incorporate more features.

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