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Kwik-Fit provide the AM team with appalling service

Just dealt with Kwik Fit for the first and last time.

They provided the worst service I can imagine.

Last Friday's visit was cancelled after he'd received the wrong tyre, then on Monday he came back and left without doing the job claiming the Mazda2 wasn't there and he'd tried everyone in the office to sort it out.

We were all in the office that day and as a rule no one can leave the office unattended so there's always someone there to take a call.

Yet he maintained that we "weren't in" and left.

He then came back today to replace the tyre so I went downstairs to give him the keys.

A scruffy bloke sat before me, slouched in one of our visitors chairs.

"Hi, are you here for the Mazda2?"

"..............," (he sits there and opens his hand, gesturing me to put the keys in it, still slouched...chewing gum)

Kwik Fit: "Who's payin for it?"

"I'm not sure, I think it's on the company account."

Kwik Fit: "Well I'm not doin it if you're not goin to pay for it. Are you Tim Rose?"


Kwik Fit: "Well who are you then?"

"Look, you're being extremely rude. Give me back the keys.” (These are not the words I would have used if I wasn’t at work)

Kwik Fit "No."

He refused until Tim went down and spoke to him about payment. The Kwik-Fit worker then argued with Tim until he was satisfied with a credit card payment. Our work fleet are large customers of Kwik-Fit, but we don't usually get our test cars serviced by them, it was only because of convenience that we thought it would be a good idea to try them. I wish we'd gone to our main dealer Donalds Mazda now.

If I wasn't at work, there is no way in hell I would have let that guy anywhere near my car or paid him to do anything to it.

I have never experienced such a terrible and unprofessional service in my life. Just to clarify, I’m sure that not all Kwik-Fit Fitters are as bad as this guy, but he's definitely not doing the company any favours. It just goes to show that one bad experience can wipe out loads of potential customers as a result. I will never use Kwik-Fit again and i will be telling my friends and family of my negative experience.

Let's hope you can.

Here's the full letter Tim sent on to Kwik-Fit's customer service department

March 20, approx 3.30pm -

We've just had possibly the most unpolite, scruffiest representative of your Kwik Fit Mobile Tyre Service attend our company to replace a tyre on our Mazda2.

He lacked the most basic customer-facing skills, such as polite communication and having the manners to introduce himself, was argumentative, and looked unshaven, dirty and unkempt in a beanie hat.

Furthermore, he complained to me that it was his 3rd attempt to change the tyre. In fact, he cancelled a visit last Friday having been delivered the wrong tyre, then failed to change the tyre on his 2nd appointment last Monday when he claimed the car was not here, although my colleagues in the office had no contact from him whatsoever.

I find it incredulous how a company such as yours can employ people, whether skilled tyre fitters or not, who are wholly unsuited to dealing with consumers. Do they receive no training?

I certainly did not relish being drawn into an argument with your fitter in the public reception area of my company.

I look forward to your prompt response and details of how you propose to improve your service in future.

Tim Rose
Deputy Editor
AM magazine
Bauer Automotive Just as a quick update, we never got a reply from Kwik-FIt. Insane!


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