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Land Rover–Range Rover Sport Hybrid

February 2014

Along with the Range Rover Hybrid, the Sport is the world’s first SUV diesel hybrid and comes with a 3.0 V6 turbodiesel linked to an electric motor that together develop 335bhp. This is enough to see the Sport from 0-62mph in 6.7 seconds yet it can also offer 44.1mpg. With carbon dioxide emissions of 169g/km, the Range Rover is comfortably and markedly better for economy and emissions than its Porsche Cayenne rival. However, the Range Rover is set to cost around £98,000 compared to the Porsche’s £62,000. Even with the savings in emissions the Sport Hybrid offers over its standard 3.0 V6 diesel sister models, the higher price will take a lot of miles to claw back through reduced BIK.