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Audi General Sales Manager

  • Job added:   29 September 2009
  • Job Type :   Permanent
  • Company :   Vindis Group
  • Email :

Audi General Sales Manager

Some say it's impossible to see into the future; but at Audi, we've got a pretty clear view. That's because our brand is built on evolution and progression - a constant driving force that pushes us forward to the next achievement, the next win, the next breakthrough. It takes a special kind of  person to keep up with that kind of pace. Someone with vision and insight. Someone with experience, business acumen and proven management skills to lead a team of staff, while delivering relevant, targeted campaigns that bring customers flooding into our Centre.

If you're interested in an excellent career with real potential, please forward your CV and covering letter to:

Vindis Group HR, c/o Northampton Audi, Weedon Road, Northampton, NN5 5DH

Alternatively, please email:

Closing date: 14 October 2009

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