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  • Job added:   15 June 2010
  • Job Type :   Permanent
  • Company :   Heritage Audi
  • Contact :   Vince Woolley
  • Email :

Job Purpose
To undertake the repair and servicing of motor vehicles

Main Duties

- Work with all departments to facilitate the servicing and repair of vehicles

- Detect and diagnose any additional faults for repair

- Ensure all work is completed safely

- Fulfil all tasks to the customers complete satisfaction

- Help retailer achieve industry leading standards of process efficiency

Essential requirements:

- Experience in mechanical and electrical diagnosis and repair

- Ability to learn and develop in line with developments in vehicle technology

- Able to work as a team member

Desirable requirements:

- Previous experience with Audi product

Closing date for applications 28th June 2010

If you require further information contact Mike Dowling , Group HR Manager


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