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Training Manager

  • Job added:   18 November 2004
  • Location :   Nationwide
  • Job Type :   Permanent
  • Company :   Training Company
“Those who can, do”

How many times have you been on training courses and thought, “I can do better than the person who’s training” or “I know more than the people I’m being trained with.”

We’re looking for that rare individual, a trainer who can do.

If you are currently a successful General or Sales Manager with a proven track record and can demonstrate your enthusiasm and coaching abilities, then the opportunity to join our like-minded team is yours.

We are a training company who bases its approach on innovation for our clients and continuing self development for our people.

If you currently enjoy the training aspect of management and would like to make it a full time occupation, then we’d like to hear from you.

Those who don’t agree, apply!

Please send a full CV in total confidence to: Janet Harvey, Glencote House, 22 Court Farm Road, Longwell Green, Bristol BS30 9AA.

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