AM Online invests in big data and social media as announces landmark traffic figures is launching a new website in August which it claims will be "the only website of its kind" in the automotive market.

Little details of the results of a £300,000 investment are available yet, but the move has come as reports the landmark of one million unique visitors in a calendar month*.

Terry Hogan, co-founder of, said: "Our growth in traffic is part of our testing prior to a major new product launch mid-year, which will see a step-change in our product offering, so that it is more aligned to e-commerce and social sites than classified sites. 

"Over the last few years, we have seen very little ‘new’ from the major classified portals and we include ourselves in that mix. The sector is stale and lacks real innovation, and our aim is to shake things up a little bit.

“We firmly believe that there is an opportunity for a data-centric business like ours, to use technology to make it easier for car manufacturers, their dealer networks and consumers to transact with each other. The industry can’t keep passing users from website to website, with each dealing with a little piece of the user’s needs.  This just isn’t what people are looking for. Consumers are looking for real advances in product and something that makes their whole vehicle ownership experience easier.

“Big data and social media are threads that run right through the new website, and our increase in visitors has proven that our community model can help us grow profitably. It’s fair to say that if you exclude Auto Trader, there aren’t a lot of motoring portals making money in the UK, even ones that have been backed by huge plcs or publishers.

"Businesses that copy the Auto Trader model will struggle to make ends meet, as the gap between paying for visitors and branding and establishing an audience of anything like that size is simply too big, especially with a one-dimensional product offering." is an independently owned automotive website and has an active community of over 1.7 million registered motorists, which is growing at a rate of over 50,000 fresh car owners subscribing every month. More than eight million unique in-market consumers visit the website annually, delivering over 120,000 new and used car leads.

(*Source: Unique visitors between 14 February – 16 March, Google Analytics)

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  • Kevin - 20/03/2014 12:24

    How can Motoring take the moral high ground & criticise the online automotive advertising industry saying that “there aren’t a lot of portals making money” when the filed accounts for Limited show that they have NEVER made a profit & are INSOLVENT? Latest publically filed accounts show: P&L Reserve Account - Minus £1,363,049 Net worth -Minus £1,130,060 Net Assets - Minus £888,041

    • Terry Hogan - 20/03/2014 16:03

      @Kevin - Hi Kevin, Thank you for the comments. I though it might be useful to clarify/correct you on this. The last two years for have been profitable on both an EBITDA and a full P+L basis. The balance sheet simply reflects the start-up costs needed to grow a large advertising business and this actually illustrates my point in the article. We only file abbreviated accounts so you wouldn't able to see the P+L accounts unfortunately. We have very supportive shareholders who have funded the business throughout its journey and are excited about what we are doing in the market. We hope you will be too when it is launched later in the year.

    • Kevin - 20/03/2014 18:17

      The figures are Limited accounts from Creditsafe Business Solutions Limited and the figures above are for the financial year end 31 Jan 2013. Previous years are very similar with negative net assets as below: 31 Jan 2012 Minus £921,974 31 Jan 2011 Minus £787,931 31 Jan 2010 Minus £679,313 31 Jan 2009 Minus £138,531

    • Chris Green - 20/03/2014 19:29

      @Kevin - Hi Kevin if that's your real name, perhaps we should meet to discuss and I will bring the accounts with me and then maybe you can retract your comments ? Chris Green

    • Terry Hogan - 20/03/2014 22:41

      @Kevin - so that would be an increase in net assets from '12 to '13 which would be a result of a profit.The same thing will be reflected in '13 to '14 accounts.The numbers are correct, but your understanding of them is not. @John, yes the website will be a step-change in product. Current iteration was great 3 years ago, but needs some love now as I admit in the article,thus major product change. I have never wanted to be another AT. That is an unrealistic expectation without an 8 figure investment per annum for a few years. @All, thanks for the interaction.

  • John - 20/03/2014 20:03

    Will your website be better this time around?

    • Chris Green - 20/03/2014 20:20

      @John - You will have to wait and see John...what business have you built from start up John ?

    • John - 20/03/2014 20:44

      @Chris Green - a web one. Your responses make you sound like a frustrated wannabe autotrader. This article is clearly a made up hype attempt... I'm not even sure why I wasted 2 minutes reading it, but as I did - 1.7M registered users and only 15 used BMWs? At some point you've got to be realistic - if you're pouring money into something and it's not working - stop.

    • Chris Green - 20/03/2014 20:53

      @John - John why do you hide behind your keyboard...all I will say is wait for the next set of Terry said we intend to shake things up a bit and we have clearly shaken you up along with Kevin on here...lets see what the future brings but like I said to Kevin on here I would be very happy to meet you and discuss, unfortunately you probably don't have the balls !

    • No Balls John - 20/03/2014 21:04

      @Chris Green - I find it bizarre that you are talking about your accounts - it's unprofessional, don't you think? Man, if you have time to meet random people to defend your business, you must be doing well... I take it all back.

    • Chris Green - 20/03/2014 21:10

      @No Balls John - Thanks John for taking it all back...much you can clearly see as per Kevin the naughty teenager on here posting our original losses which is nothing to be ashamed of when starting any business and especially Tech...when you post on here expect comments back only you will always know who i am !