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Marshall Motor Group's new five-year plan is all about the customer, says CEO Daksh Gupta

“We want people with a personality. The change to our sales process – called internally ‘selling by objectives’ – says you need to be intelligent enough to complete at transaction, but it’s the people skills aspect of it is that’s going to make you successful.

“Customers are much better educated on their choices, so what’s fundamentally different at Marshall is we are asking the customer far more open questions, getting them to tell us what they want, less selling to them.

“For example, a customer might only want a value on their part-exchange. Previously, a salesperson would’ve been shot if you went straight to this step, because you should have found out what they were looking to buy.

“Now, we treat the customer with a bit of respect and let them take a bit more of the control, recognising that they are far more educated than they used to be.”

Alongside the showroom experience, emphasis is being put on email handling, with 20% of management bonus for sales managers linked to speed of response, monitored through nine mystery shops every quarter in each Marshall business.

To ensure a quality response, a template is used, which emphasises reasons to buy from Marshall and the long-standing heritage of the family business.

Online communication is a unique skill, Gupta acknowledges, so he is considering courses for sales people on how it’s done correctly. The typical email staff are fielding is “I have a budget of £X. What can I buy?”

Marshall expects emails to be responded to in an hour or, if received overnight, by 10am the next day.

Gupta wouldn’t give details on the impact on conversion levels based on the new sales approach and the quality of email response, other than conversion levels are improving.

However, he said: “We do not need to spend any more on marketing – it’s money wasted. Quite frankly, we should easing back. I don’t need any more leads. What we should be doing is converting more of what we’ve got.”


Joining the £1 billion club

Marshall Motor Group chief executive Daksh Gupta tweeted on February 26 that the motor retailer’s turnover had put it in ‘the billion pound club’.

In November’s AM100 update, Marshall – at number 10 – had a turnover in its 2012 statutory accounts of £794 million. The remainder of the top 10 all had £1bn-plus turnover.

The achievement is a milestone in what Gupta has called phase one of the group’s business plan: the first five years of his tenure, during which he led the reshaping of the group.

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  • Name Witheld - 14/04/2014 09:00

    Interesting, Daksh Gupta makes no mention of staff retention and satisfaction, having worked for this group I can honestly say that I have never worked in an organisation that has so little regard for employee wellbeing, retention and job satisfaction. Many of the employees I worked with were overworked, underpaid and felt undervalued.

    • Empolyee - 23/04/2014 20:03

      Avoid Daksh Gupta and MMG at all costs you have been warned!

  • Anonymous - 15/04/2014 04:28

    The reputation of this dealer group for bad service in the Cambridge area is still as bad as it ever was despite the media spin that comes from the ivory tower. Staff turnover remains high but reality is a long way off for their headline-grabbing CEO.

  • Anonymous - 15/04/2014 15:12

    It would be interesting to see some facts and figures on staff retention and employee satisfaction, My experience leads me to believe that they would be among the worst in the industry, ** edited for legal reasons **.

  • Anon - 14/05/2014 19:51

    This is so true the worst company in the motor trade to work for it is a joke. The worst name in the motor trade, pure greed at the top!!!!!

  • MMG Employee - 22/05/2014 14:57

    I work at MMG and actually the comments by all you anonymous people are not factual. I truly believe it is a great place to work and I have been here 10 years so under the old regime as well as the new. I have a suspicion that the comments below were made by poor performers who couldn't cut it....can't think of any other explanation as staff retention is no worse than any other group. Sour grapes perhaps?

    • Robert - 03/06/2014 16:28

      @MMG Employee - LOL must be the only one left or you are a family member to survive so long or you are Daksh, or did Daksh write this one him self like he fudges the staff turn over figures every year! Employer of the year nomination for motor trader, you can get any award if you know the right people!

    • MMG Employee - 27/06/2014 16:38

      @Robert - haha, no not Daksh and not family unfortunately! Just someone who comes to work and enjoys their job, and feels valued doing a good job. I dont see any fudging of figures though. There's a lot of us left that have been here years and years - the loyalty events show that! They are brilliant and we all had a fantastic time. Dont know many other groups that do that sort of thing for their loyal employees - maybe they do - but Marshall do it really well.

  • Anon - 30/05/2014 20:41

    Employer of the year nomination for motor trader awards is this a joke!!!!

  • MMG Employee - 01/06/2014 13:12

    No joke....they are a fantastic company to work for and deserve to be nominated and actually deserve to win this award

  • Anon - 04/06/2014 19:56

    I always remember the meal we would be taken out to before the employee survey was due to be done haha!!!!!

  • ImnotBatman - 20/04/2015 07:05

    I find these negative remarks rather amusing. Made by weak minded sheep who are all too easily drawn in. I am heading back to Marshalls after spending the last 2 years working for arguably the best company out there. Stratstone. On that note if you really want to know what it's like to work for a group that really "cares" about employee interests then I suggest you email your CV to them

  • Anon - 09/04/2018 07:27

    I was lured back for a second stint at a Marshall site in Peterborough, and found it had gone from bad to WORSE.......don't even think of going there, long hours, bad wages and rediculous staff retention problems throughout the group. Unhappy grumpy staff everywhere, was glade to 'escape' and will NEVER BE ENTICED BY LIES AND PROMISES TO GO BACK AGAIN, sorry to tell you all this buts it's all true.