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Car owners want compensation for emissions scandal

EU emissions test

Over three quarters of car owners (78%) would want financial compensation from the manufacturer they bought their vehicle from if it was involved in an emissions scandal, according to new research.

A survey by Venson Automotive Solutions told AM sister title Fleet News that higher income earners were most likely to seek compensation; 78% of those people earning an income of more than £20,000 per annum agreed with this statement, as did 84% those earning more than £40,000 per annum.

When asked who they think should be responsible for validating vehicle emissions testing, the majority (51%) said an independent body.

One in four believes the Government has a duty to motorists in validating testing, while manufacturers got the lowest vote.

Worryingly, 45% of those surveyed said they wouldn’t buy diesel in the future, as a result of the emissions scandal.  

Samantha Roff, managing director for Venson Automotive Solutions, said: “It’s interesting to note the vast majority of our respondents would seek compensation from the manufacturer if their car was impacted by the emissions issue.

“With news reports suggesting that over a million diesel vehicles, in the UK, are involved in the scandal, motor manufacturers could be facing hefty compensations bills.”

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  • Steve Boucher - 11/11/2015 14:15

    All cars sold in the UK have to undergo an official emissions test under EU law. This is to ensure they meet the latest emissions standards, as set by the European Commission, before they can be sold to the consumer. The vehicle is put onto a ‘rolling road’ and fitted with equipment to measure emissions. The vehicle will then perform a standardised drive cycle known as the New European Drive Cycle (NEDC) – which contains set acceleration/deceleration levels, and replicates different driving conditions. If the vehicle emits levels of pollutants lower than the limits set for the Euro-6 standard, it will receive a Euro-6 approval certificate, meaning the vehicle can be sold. The test is carried out in a controlled temperature of 20-30 degrees centigrade, and the car must be calibrated to the specification as sold to the customer. All of the vehicle’s components must be present and cannot be tampered with. For example, the alternator belt must be intact and the brakes must function fully to pass testing. The vehicle will be checked to ensure it has the same tyre pressures, fluid levels and components as it would have on the road. The test is carried out in a government-approved test facility, with a government-appointed independent witness. The EU test operates in strict conditions and is witnessed by a government-appointed independent approval agency. In the UK, this is the Vehicle Certification Agency, which is responsible to the Department for Transport. In the US, the official tests are carried out by the manufacturer and not witnessed by an independent third-party as they are in the EU. The results are submitted to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which decides whether to accept them or test the vehicle itself. The emissions limits set in the US tests are different from those in the EU. The conditions of the test in the US – in other words, the driving cycle – are also different to those in the EU.

  • walker - 11/11/2015 14:26

    Whilst recognising the facts of the installed emission masking software, the press have had a field day ramping up emotions with the frequent reference to the "emissions scandal". It has still to be fully established what, if any, impact the software has had and whether as a result of any rectification there will be any detrimental impact on the running of these cars. Asking users whether they think they should be compensated seems to be jumping on the "PPI" & "Recent No-fault Accident" band waggon before there is anything to be compensated for other than having a car that may need remedial action. As anyone with extensive industry experience will attest, there have been numerous safety related recalls over the last couple of decades, few, if any, relating to VW group vehicles, and yet the press seem to be determined to turn this non-safety related matter into VW's Armageddon. For the record - yes - I am involved at a dealership level, and despite the press "surveys" most customers seem pretty ambivalent about the issue, and prepared to see what happens once a concrete resolution has been announced and activated.

  • Iceage - 11/11/2015 17:32

    This is Fraud. It is no different to changing the recorded mileage on a used car prior to sale. They set out to deceive and got away with it for a while. I say throw the book (Prison) at every lying cheating Manufacture who is involved. Oh and at the same time, as ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law, their Main Dealers should be forced to give every customer a full refund.

  • Philip Hodges - 12/11/2015 09:13

    VW group will make alterations to emissions and I do not see how anyone can request compensation. This is just another example of the blame culture that exists today. lawyers will be rubbing their hands for any chance to make a result out of what has been a VW PR disaster. I am sure that other manufacturers will be awaiting their own results from the tests in Germany and what about American vehicles.?

  • Iceage - 12/11/2015 09:51

    So the comments made on this site is now being censored...... Sadly a sign of the times where the Big corps control the media

  • David - 14/11/2015 20:41

    I wonder what everyone would say at the end of the day if this big scandal against VW turned out to be nothing more than an administration error and absolutely nothing wrong with the emissions limits. A little knowledge is a very dangerous thing in the wrong hands. Nobody ever complains about the Air Craft industry, or the defense industry, look at the pollution they create. All people are doing here is looking for gossip to sell papers and claim money, emissions from ALL transportation has always been there, yes over time improvements are made, but they are still there even on the latest top spec vehicles that show zero emissions at the tail pipe, you just can't put diesel in the tank and expect nothing out the exhaust at all, even though the levels are very low, and the analyzers may not pick it up, but some pollution will always be there, people need to get a life, stop moaning.