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PCPs pay off for loyal Volkswagen Polo buyers

Volkswagen Polo


Price £15,840
Engines 1.2-petrol: 89bhp
Performance 0-62mph 10.8secs, top speed 114mph
Transmission 5sp man
Efficiency 60.1mpg, 107g/km CO2
RV 3yr/30k 38%
Start mileage 3,089
Current mileage 4,032
Rivals Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa, Renault Clio, Peugeot 208


The ‘flying’ Polo has been acknowledged as a key part of the cloud nine Volkswagen is currently on.

Volkswagen UK director of passenger cars Alex Smith explained his faith in the car, and its contribution to UK registrations in the highly competitive small car market, in an interview with AM this summer.

Acknowledging the strong growth in the market overall, Smith said: “When we introduced the revised Polo, it really started to fly and it’s still flying in sales terms.”

For the year to July, the Polo had a B-segment share of 10.2% and 2.1% of the total market. Registrations for the same period were up 29.6%, thanks to a mid-2014 refresh.

Asked why this was the case in a market where every week sees a refresh, a facelift or a new special edition, Smith said: “There are lots of very loyal Polo customers anticipating the revised car with its improved economy and real step forward in infotainment.  

“In that segment of the market, where PCP is particularly prominent, there were lots of people who bought Polo two /three years ago who were, because of its fantastic residual value, in a position where their cost to change was very low.”  

Looking at customer reviews on consumer car websites, it was not difficult to find these buyers.

One such owner said: “I’ve owned two Polos over the years, a petrol and a diesel. Recently, I’ve just ordered a brand new 1.4 TDi Bluemotion Polo.

“I ignored the reviews saying the Ford Fiesta is a better drive, as soon as I saw the car’s interior I was not impressed on either the build quality or layout of all the controls.

“I’ve even ignored the so-called reliability of the JD Power Car Survey, with quite a bit of criticism aimed at the new Polo’s reliability.

“I ordered it due to more-than favourable past experience I’ve had with the VW brand. It even outshone the magnificent Audi A1, simply because Audi were asking daft money to place desirable extras that the Polo came with as standard.

“The new car will be with me sometime in April, and I do not envisage having any problems with it.”


What’s been said about the Volkswagen Polo



The Polo tends to have less equipment for the money than rivals. The most basic model does without air-conditioning (a £720 option), but does get electronic stability control, electric front windows, a Bluetooth phone connection and an infotainment system with colour touchscreen.



It may not be as good to drive as a Ford Fiesta or as versatile as a Honda Jazz, but it remains a great all-rounder that’s well built and thanks to the Volkswagen badge, holds its value well.


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