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Dealers and Mitsubishi are getting their act together

Mitsubishi Outlander


Price £33,134
Engine 2.2-litre: 147PS
Transmission 6sp auto
Performance 0-62mph 11.6secs, top speed 118mph
Efficiency 48.7mpg, 153g/km CO2
RV 3yr/30k 43%
Start mileage 3,644
Current mileage 8,609
Rivals Nissan Qashqai and X-Trail, Volvo XC60, BMW X3 and Land Rover Discovery Sport


Conversations with a couple of dealers at the close of 2016 highlighted a number of frustrations at the content and timing of Mitsubishi’s tactical sales support, with much of what was being made available to entice customers being taken from the dealer margin.

The timing of its 0% finance, zero deposit offer was also off, coming too soon in the Q4, graveyard quarter.

Well, it looks as if dealers and Mitsubishi are beginning to work on making things right, if what landed through my letter box recently is anything to go by. A glossy, colour flyer trumpets ‘three years, 0% APR finance, no deposit’ across the Mitsubishi range.

The flyer was popped through my door at an ideal time, it being less than a month to the most important plate change of the year for dealer sales and profitability.

The offers available are hire purchase plan and ‘Alternatives’ PCP, both through Finance Mitsubishi.

The dealer responsible for the mailshot is Close Mitsubishi, part of Corby-based Close Motor Company, a family-owned business since 1967 and a Mitsubishi dealer since 2000. The Peterborough business celebrated its first year in the city in February.

It supported the flyer with a Facebook push. It’s good to see a joined-up approach. The flyer’s only flaw was it lacked a flavour of the company I would be dealing with. Its industry longstanding and family roots could have a positive impact on my selection.


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