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Citroen C3



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Life on the showroom floor has changed a lot in the six years since Citroën introduced its C3 range.

In the current climate one of the French firm’s most popular models faces a tougher fight for sales.

But Citroën UK believes a unique combination of style and features will allow the next-generation C3 line-up to continue helping it win fresh business opportunities.

The new car has sleek lines and uses clever packaging to boast one of the most spacious interiors and a 300-litre boot gives it the biggest luggage capacity in the B-sector.

For all that, the model claimed to set a fresh standard in the key areas of styling and quality will probably be best known for the Zenith windscreen, a massive piece of glass stretching 1.35 metres in length from the bonnet to well into the roof area above the front seats.

The unique feature plays a major styling role, opens up a fresh perspective for occupants and lightens the interior in the gloomiest weather.

Panoramic vision is heightened by particularly slim A-pillars and tinting across the top section provides protection on sunny days.

A full-width sun shield can be pulled forward for complete protection, complete with traditional sun-visors – but without the usual vanity mirrors.

The 1.4HDi VTR+ model we tested also came with air conditioning, alloy wheels, front fog lights, cruise control with speed limiter and a leather steering wheel.

With a new rear axle layout contributing to smooth ride characteristics and a tight turning circle, the car is easy to drive in town and slim front seatbacks help provide a roomy rear seat for comfortable travel over longer distances.


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