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Driven: Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0 TSI 210PS 6-sp man



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If the all-things-to-all men and women Volkswagen range needed a halo car to get people talking then it is the Scirocco.

Unlike the Golf and the Polo, the Scirocco has not been a continuous feature of the model range. It re-emerged in 2008 and four years later still turns heads.

The range is priced from £20,065 for the smallest engine to £31,360. The best-selling model is the 2.0-litre GT TDI Bluemotion manual with 30% of the total sales which last year were 7,514.

Around 65% of all volume is diesel.

Compared to some of its com-petitors the standard of performance, aesthetic and safety specification is very high.

Standard fit on our £24,960 model is climate control, electric heated mirrors, multi CD player and MP3 connection, Bluetooth, alloy wheels and front fogs, curtain airbag, rain sensing wipers, alarm, immobiliser and deadlocks, remote locking and locking wheel nuts.

Among the optional extras list factory fitted satellite navigation at £590 is popular along with alloy wheel upgrades and winter packs.

Volkswagen also offers afterfit style packs with alternative alloys, side sills, door sill trims and exhaust trims and skirts.

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