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First drive: Ford Focus CC-3 – on sale now



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The Focus CC is Ford’s offering for the growing hard-top convertible sector.

With tough competition from the Vauxhall Astra Twin Top and the more upmarket Volkswagen Eos, which have three and five-part folding roofs respectively, the car has its work cut out.

Sporting a two-part folding roof that is housed in a pronounced boot, the Focus CC has an individual look that gives the car a sleek, wedge-like profile. Though this may not be to everyone’s taste, it leaves ample room (234 litres) in the boot for shopping trips.

There is plenty of room for four adults to sit comfortably over shorter distances and the Focus CC is easily big enough for younger families travelling on longer journeys.

Inside the Focus CC has a quality feel, with leather upholstery as standard in the CC-3. The Sony stereo has plenty of oomph even at higher speeds with the roof down, making for enjoyable and entertaining driving.

Behind the wheel the Focus CC provides a fun and engaging driving experience, with the stiff chassis ensuring this continues when the roof is down.

The steering is responsive, with plenty of feedback from the road and the brakes feel secure without being too sharp.

Safety-wise, the Focus CC features front and side airbags as standard, though electronic stability control is an option.

Price: £17,822
Engine: 2.0 petrol
Transmission: Five-speed durashift
Performance: 0-62mph 10.3sec, top speed 129mph
Efficiency: 37.6mpg combined, 179 g/km CO2 emissions
CAP RV 3yr/30k: 43% £8,075
Rivals: Vauxhall Astra Twin Top, Renault Megane CC, Peugeot 307CC, Volkswagen Eos

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