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Fleet-footed Volvo sees sales soar



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Volvo sales to fleet buyers have exploded over the first six months of the year on the back of its new diesel engines and Ford's policy of offering fleets a “family deal” on Premier Automotive Group brands.

Year-to-June fleet sales are up 140 per cent to 11,447, giving Volvo 2.1 per cent of a sector that has risen in total by 5.1 per cent. Diesel fleet sales have surged 1445 per cent, in a market up 48 per cent, on the back of the D5 engine option.

Clearly, Ford's PAG “family” strategy is working. Jaguar fleet sales are also up in the first half of the year by 129 per cent - although its blue oval registrations have fallen by four per cent as it withdraws from less profitable deals.

Low-emission Drive-E engine leads Volvo's registrations push

Volvo is banking on its low-emission Drive-E engine to help it increase registrations by 10%

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