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Hyundai help to speed city sales



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Hyundai UK, which this week launched its new flagship Coupe, is offering financial help to dealers wanting to establish outlets in high-priced city centres.

Importer Lex Service has already purchased a site in Manchester, which is being leased by Manchester Hyundai, and has plans for a similar venture with Bristol St George in the west country city.

John Lawrence, Hyundai UK sales director, said: “We are happy with the network although there are some big city areas where we would like to improve our representation. We do understand the cost involved in doing this and Lex will help where possible.”

He said that this was not a prelude to direct dealing with car buyers. “We are not looking for ownership and we are not interested in direct dealing.”

Mr Lawrence described the new Coupe as Hyundai's “most important ever” model launch. “It is a flagship model which will have a halo effect across the Hyundai range,” he said. “This is important as we continue to grow sales and attract more people to the brand.”

The Coupe, first launched in 1996, will be available with three engine options, 1.6S priced at £14,499, 2-litre SE at £16,499 and the £18,499 2.7 premium V6. Helen Draper, Coupe product manager, said: “Coupes have low brand loyalty and people go for the body style rather than the brand. With this new model we believe we have the looks to compete with the Toyota Celica, Ford Cougar and Peugeot 406 Coupe.”

The 2-litre, she said, was expected to take 60% of expected sales of 4,500 this year, with the rest evenly split between the other two versions.

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