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Long term: Skoda Superb estate 2.0 TDI 170 CR Elegance



Superb estate
2.0TDI 170CR Elegance
RV 3yr/30k
Start mileage
Current mileage
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The eventual repair of the Superb was an example of the clash between people and processes.

I previously highlighted the need for a call to our Peterborough Skoda dealer Wings for the replacement of a rear brake light bulb, a check on the automatic tailgate and a suspicion the tyre pressure gauge was faulty.

The smallest item to fix, the bulb, proved the greatest challenge.

I had used Wings’ ‘live chat’ function to begin the negotiations which had worked well, but I had to be passed on to email to complete the booking.

The service department told us it would require one visit “for an hour’s investigation” to see whether the problems were covered under warranty, then another visit to make the repairs once “the parts were in stock”.

The appointment then had to be rearranged as the courtesy car we had requested was not available.

It became quickly apparent that the tyre pressure gauge and tailgate issues could not be resolved as they were not easily discernible as faults.

But after a day at Wings, a call informed us it did not have the bulb in stock – one would have to be ordered.

On the final visit the work took about 20 minutes, giving me time to read the letters of glowing praise from cust-omers in the waiting area.

The total bill for the bulb repair was £19.79 including VAT – the elusive bulb £2.49, the rest labour.

But what price could you put on time: the amount it took from live chat to email to book in the Superb and the back and forth for the lack of a bulb?

Wings’ staff want to offer excellent customer service, but seem to have been let down by processes.

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