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Long-term test Mazda2 1.5 Sport five-door – on sale now



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There’s a trick to starting our 1.5-litre petrol Mazda2 from cold.

Try to switch the engine on in the usual way and it turns over five or six times before starting up.

However, turn the ignition to stand by and wait for five seconds, then turn the key and it starts immediately. Rather like a diesel.

It’s not just our car that has this odd habit, nor is it a glitch with the 1.5.

Some consumer magazines have experienced the same issue with the 1.3 petrol.

It’s not a problem, for now, but it could lead to the premature demise of the starter motor.

Once running, however, and the engine proves to be a perky little performer.

On the first drive test we said that there appeared to be little difference between the 86bhp 1.3 and 103bhp 1.5 engines – other than the 1.5 sounding a little harsher.

Well, after a thousand miles or so, there is a clear difference and it’s all about the mid-gear performance.

The 1.5 has a quicker pick up at low speeds in a higher gear and it perks into life more rapidly when overtaking at A-road speeds.

It’s still a little on the harsh side, though.

The Mazda2 is fun to drive and its appeal will be mostly with younger people.

The 2 has made its first visit to local Mazda dealer Donalds to fix a squeaky driver’s seat and replace a rear wheel bearing.

Donalds also spotted a nail in the near-side front tyre.

The service was excellent.

2008 Mazda2 1.5 Sport five-door

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